Hi! Let me find you a service provider.


Hi, my name is Trent and one night my office was broken into and my computers were stolen (2 Mac Minis and a MacBook). I wasn't too happy and I needed a way to quickly contact pawn shops in my city and notify them of the theft. I wanted them to call me back with any information they might have.

Because I'm a software person, I was able to create a simple solution to my problem. I built an app that recorded my voice and reason for calling and then the app would send the recording to the pawn shops. Once a pawn shop heard my recording they were prompted to contact me directly if they could help.

Within minutes of sending out my recording, I got called back from multiple pawn shops, that was AWESOME!

So I thought, "why can't I do this for other people?" and that's how was born ;)

You can use this service to contact multiple service providers within minutes. Record once and send to many!

My friend Abe calls it "the poor man's robo-dialer."

My wife calls it "a brilliant time-saver." (She got bids from window washers, piano tuners and djs... all within 20 minutes of her recording)

The app is still in beta so if it doesn't return any results, give me a call and I'll help you out, I like to solve problems. My number is 435-879-1130.

When you record your message, leave as much or as little information as you'd like the service providers to hear. I find it works best when I say something like, "Hi, my name is Trent, I'm looking for flowers to be delivered to my wife this afternoon, she lives in Washington City and I have a budget of $60." || "Hi, my name is Trent, my starter went out in my car, it's parked at the rec center in Washington City, I need it towed to my mechanic in St. George, can you let me know a price?"

It's pretty simple, hopefully you'll find it as useful as I have.

Thanks and happy recording!
-Trent Staheli

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